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Peace Lights

Peace Lights” was born from another piece called “Drapes”, which was originally shown at the NYC Opening Ceremonies for the United Nations International Year of Light and Light-base Technologies. The following month, Drapes was shown at the New York Peace Coalition Awards Dinner where the first idea for Peace Lights was conceived. The original light images were used to re-master a cleaner version with titles and the words “Peace Lights” displayed in 55 languages. A shorter 3 minute version (with just the title in English) was also produced along with some still images.  Peace Lights is becoming an increasingly recognized international symbol of peace and has been adopted by the peace organizations of 16 countries as their International Symbols for Peace & Non-violence.  The United Nations International Year of Light has also endorsed Peace Lights, and it has been featured around the world in 6 of 7 continents.

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